Amanda Aurita

Amanda Aurita Araujo Fernandes

23 years - Brazilian

iOS, Web Developer and Programming Teacher

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About me

Passionate about technology and challenges, I was introduced to a "different world" when I decided to study telecommunication in high school.

In December of 2011, I finished high-school and became a Telecommunication Technician.

Today, I am finishing my undergraduate studies in Information Systems at PUC Rio and I love what I do!

I was part of BEPiD Rio and I am always looking for something new to learn.


  • Apple WWDC 2016
  • June 13-17

    I won the WWDC 2016 scholarship and with that I won a ticket for the event!

    It was a contest for students from all of the world and just 350 winners.

    It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to come back next year!

    WWDC 2016
  • Hackathon Ambev 2015
  • November 9-10

    I was selected to participate in the Hackathon Ambev in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    20 groups of 5 people each were given 24 hours to to develop applications to improve the customer experience with beverage consumer at home or in restaurants. Me and my group developed an iOS app. You can read more about it in Projects. You can read more about it in Projects.

    Hackathon Ambev
  • HackPUC 2015
  • December 11-13

    I was selected to participate in the HackPUC that occured at PUC Rio.

    20 groups of 5 people each were tasked with developping an app on Security, Sports, and/or Policy. My team and I built an iOS app on which users could bet on the results of the Olympic Games.

    HackPUC 2015

    Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

    Bachelor's degree in Information Systems

    03/2013 - Present

  • About
  • "The PUC-Rio computer courses, which have been steadily evaluated among the best in Brazil, form professionals capable to act in the disputed labor market, which still shows strong and continuous growth."

    "The bachelor's degree in Information Systems prepares the student to act in the management, development, use and evaluation of current information technologies, which are used within organizations. For this purpose, the course offers a basic formation in Computing, Mathematics and Administration combined with new software development project techniques."
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    PUC Rio

    More information at PUC Rio site.

  • Relevant Classes Taken

  • INF1004 - Programming I
    INF1008 - Introducing to Computer Architecture
    INF1009 - Logic for Computation
    INF1403 - Introduction to HCI
    INF1006 - Programming II
    INF1020 - Information Systems Principles
    MAT1157 - Single Variable Calculus A
    MAT1158 - Single Variable Calculus B
    MAT1200 - Linear Algebra
    INF1010 - Advanced Data Structures
    INF1012 - Data Modeling
    INF1018 - Low Level Software
    INF1019 - Computation Systems
    ADM1010 - Empresarial Analysis
    ADM1019 - Finances
    ADM1006 - Administrative Analysis
    INF1301 - Modular Programming
    INF1383 - Databases I
    INF1340 - Databases II
    INF1341 - Databases III
    INF1377 - Requirements Engineering
    INF1631 - Discret Structures
    INF1636 - Object Oriented Programming
    MAT1162 - Multivariable Calculus
    ENG1029 - Probability and Statistic
    INF1013 - Software Modeling
    INF1408 - Process Analysis
    INF1410 - Informatic Project Management
    INF1626 - Formal Languages and Automatas
    INF1317 - Computer Network
    INF1405 - Systems Development
    INF1407 - WEB Programming
    INF1413 - Software Test

    Technical School Ferreira Viana

    Telecommunication Technician

    02/2009 - 12/2011

  • About
  • Telecommunication Technician is a professional with high-school degree and technical and scientific training and with practices knowledges in devices, circuits and electronic equipments targeted to telecommunications, with the entitled to exercise planning activities and projects under supervision, installation, operation, control and maintenance of equipment and systems, and demonstrate the ability of transformation of techniques or environments always aiming to improve the quality of life.
    PUC Rio

  • Studied Subjects

  • Technical Drawing


    Electricity Laboratory

    Organisations and Standards 

    Workplace Safety

    Telecommunications Systems

    Analog and Digital Communications
Analog and Digital Electronics
    Analog and Digital electronics Laboratory

    Telecommunication Laboratory I
Psychology of Human Relations

    Computation Systems
    Optics communications

    Free-space Communication

    Telecommunication laboratory II
    Signal processing
    Television systems
    Network technology

    BEPiD - Brazil Education Program for iOS Development

    iOS Developer

    11/2014 - 12/2015

    This program is where I was first introduced to iOS development. I started with Objective-C, with which three colleagues and I built an education app for children. Following that project, I started learning Swift. I love it, so I've used it to build most of the apps I've made.

    After that, still at the beginning of the project, I started learning swift. I loved this language, so I used to make the most apps that I have.

    I also learned the CBL - Challenge Based Learning. You can read more about it here.

    Greentec Telecommunication and Informatics Services

    Telecommunication Technician (Trainee)

    11/2012 - 03/2013

    Activities: Maintenance and configuration of telephone exchanges software, network deployment and structured cabling in commercial buildings and residences , network certification.

    iOS Projects

    Apps made in challenges at BEPiD

  • We Can Move
  • This app was made with more 2 people on a 2 week challenge with free theme. So, me and my team decided to do something that represent us: Music, Dance and Creativity. We think about an app that the user could come up with a choreography by moving your arms and then, the opponent will have to mimic your movements as best as he can.

    This app was made in swift. We used the Core Motion Framework to capture the movements and the Av Foundation Framework for the music.

    You can download the We Can Move app at the App Store.

    We Can Move
  • Day Pic
  • This app was made with more 4 people on a 3 week challenge. It is an entertainment app to take pictures and make a timelapse with them.

    How it works: You create an album, and take some pictures. The app will make for you a timelapse video and then you will be able to store on your iPhone and share with people.

    This app was made in swift. We used the Core Data Framework to save the photos, EventKit, CoreGraphics and other Frameworks.

    You can download the DayPic app at the App Store.

  • Tutti Doces
  • I made this app on a 3 day challenge at BEPiD. The theme was free, so I decided to make an app about my candy brand.

    People can see my history, the candys that I sell and call me through the app.

    You can download the TuttiDoces app at the App Store.

    Tutti Doces
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • This is an iPad educational game for kids to learn how to recycle.

    This app was made in objective-c and this was my first iOS app.

    How it works: In each level you can see a lot of trash inside the scenario. You have to select each of them and drag to the correct trash can.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Cerva-se
  • This was the app I made at Ambev Hackathon.

    This hachathon was like a startup weekend. So we had to think about a problem, validate the problem, develop a solution and then validade the solution.

    Me and my team developed an iOs App in swift called Cerva-se. With it you don`t need wait for a waiter at a restaurante. You can just choose the drink you want, pay with the app and get your drink (beer) with an QRCode.

  • MOC
  • This app was my final project at BEPiD and I made it with 3 more people.

    The idea of this app is to schedule surgery. You have to fill up the surgery form and send to the Hospital.

    We mad this app with swift. We used Core Data and the PostgreSQL Database to send the data to the web server. We used PHP on the server side.


    PUC Projects

    These are the projects I made in some subjects at school

  • SSS - Schedule Surgery System
  • This project I developed on the INF1405 - Systems Development subject where I had to choose a system do model and developed. So I decided to make a WEB project for the MOC app that I had developed at BEPiD.

    This is a schedule surgery system with two WEB sites, one for the hospital and another for the doctors.

    The doctor fill up the surgery form and send to the hospital. The hospital can change the status and accept or not the surgery.

    I made this system with HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, Java Script, MeteorJS Framework and MongoDB.

    Schedule Surgery System
    Schedule Surgery System
  • WAR
  • I made this project on the INF1301 - Modular Programming subject where I had to develop the entire WAR Game for desktop in Java.

    You have to choose a minimum of three players. The game will give to you the order and then, when you start the game, it will give randomically the territories and the goal for each player. The circles are the armies. All the rules were implemented: The first round, each player choose where to put the armies; From the second level, the player can attack order player in order to conquer a territory; The dice were implemented and the territories card too.


    Amanda Aurita Araujo Fernandes

    Brazilian - 1994/02/27

    C: +55 21 987306920




    Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

    Bachelor: Information System

    2013 - 2017

    Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Technical School Ferreira Viana

    Technician: Telecommunication

    2009 - 2011

    Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Work Experience

    Brazil Education Program for iOS Development

    iOS Developer

    November 2014 to December 2015

    Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro

    Mobile development with Objective-C and Swift. 3 apps published on the AppStore. 

    Greentec Telecommunication and Informatics Services

    Telecommunication Technician (Trainee)

    November 2012 to March 2013

    Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Maintenance and configuration of telephone exchanges software, network deployment and structured cabling in commercial buildings and residences , network certification.

    Technical Skills

    • Desktop Development: Java, C, Delphi, C++
    • iOS Development: Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Auto Layout
    • Front-End Web Development: HTML, CSS / Bootstrap, JavaScript / JQuery
    • Back-End Web Development: Php, Java Web, MeteorJS
    • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB

    Honors and Awards

    • Apple Worldwide Developer Conference Scholarship Winner 2016
    • Participation at Hackathon Ambev - November 2015 in Sao Paulo - Brazil